Women deserve the right to choose the type of material going into their body. Here is a list of the pessaries available on NHS prescription.

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Pessaries come in all shapes and sizes. Pessaries have been around for hundreds of years to treat women who suffer with pelvic organ prolapse issues.

Pessaries are available on the NHS in the UK. A select type of Milex pessaries (Cooper Surgical in the USA) are also available on the NHS. Milex pessaries are made out of medical grade silicone and are very comfortable, effective and flexible. The NHS also offer another type which is made from plastic and in the shape of either the ring pessary or the gellhorn pessary.

Every women should have the choice of material of pessary she wishes to have be it plastic or silicone. Some docotors are unaware that silicone pessaries are available on prescription. We would like to bring this to your attention. Here is the list available on NHS prescription

For more information about pessaries, types, pelvic organ prolapse go to www.candgmedicare.com

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