Endometriosis- Symptoms & Treatment


Great read about Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a common disease found among women these days. It can strike a woman of any age or race. It is estimated that most of the women have this disease at childbearing age. Some of them who suffer it; may have severe pelvic pain and others have no symptoms. There is nothing about endometriosis that is simple and also there are no absolute cures. The disease can affect a woman’s entire existence – her ability to work, to reproduce and her relations with her mate, her child & everyone around her.

Symptoms: Most commonly, the symptoms of this disease start years after menstrual periods begin. Then, the symptoms tend to gradually increase as the endometriosis areas augment in size. After menopause, the abnormal implants shrink away and the symptoms subside. The most common symptom is period’s pain, especially excessive menstrual cramps which may be felt in the abdomen…

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The Cramer Pessary for Stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

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Pessaries can play an important part in getting back a reasonable quality of life if you happen to suffer with stress incontinence (SUI)  and/or pelvic organ prolapse.

Today, pessary expert and advocate for women who suffer stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse Gaynor Morgan speaks about the Cramer Pessary.

Gaynor Morgan works with medical professionals and leading retailers all over Europe to help raise the awareness about the importance of getting incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse issues to the forefront and pushing for more education about these subjects.

Over 45% of women worldwide suffer with some type of pelvic organ prolapse and/ or incontinence. The World Health Organisation had deemed this as an epidemic that needs addressing.

Gaynor heads up the European side of the non profit organisation, APOPS – Association for pelvic organ prolapse support founded by award winning author of the book: Pelvic Organ Prolapse the silent epidemic…

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Simply Women’s Health Seminar

Holly Herman Seminar

Holly Herman Seminar

Treating patients with pelvic floor dysfunction can be challanging not only for the physiotherapist but also for the patient.

Join this amazing seminar about pelvic floor dysfunction with Dr Hollis Herman.

Learn about

  • How to teach about improved urination and colorectal mechanics.
  • Initiate frank discussions with clients regarding bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction
  • Understand and discribe variations of sexual response cycle.
  • Understand issues of sexual and pelvic function during prenatal, post partum and post menopause.


Contact: Gerard Greene

MSc ( Manip Physio), MMACP, MCSP, PG Cert HEd Clinical Mentor MSc Manual Therapy Students Harborne Physio and Acupuncture Clinic

57 Park Hill Road
B17 9HH

 Tel: 07968 011832

Facebook: harborne physio

Twitter: gerardgreenephy

web: www.harbornephysio.co.uk

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Vaginal Dilator Guide for Patients: Part 1

Vaginal Dilators

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What is Estim?


Estim machines

Originally posted on Healthy Solutions:

Estim is known under a few descriptions, Erotic Stimulation, Erotic Electro Stimulation and Electric Stimulation.

Depending what your needs are there are plenty of devices to chose from and it is always best to discuss the types of devices with your medical advisor prior to investing.

Estim is also known as EMS Electrical muscle stimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

What ever you chose to call it or which ever product you decide to use all of them come down to one thing, which is forcing the of muscles to contract through electric impulses.

Women with weak pelvic floor muscles may see this as an easy option for pelvic floor exercising, but  with every good idea there is always a down side, which is why it is so important to discuss any alternative pelvic floor therapy with your medical advisor and physiotherapist. Over use of an electrical stimulation on muscles…

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Originally posted on Pfilates:

PFilates created by Dr Bruce Crawford is one of the fastest growing pelvic floor exercises sweeping the Americas, Australia and Europe.

PFilates come in a range of kits.

This amazing 64 minute 10 movements and 3 stage pelvic floor rehabilitation DVD has helped so many men and women regain strength in the pelvic floor muslces. Pfilates DVD 

RRP £17.99 our price £9.99

RRP £17.99 our price £9.99

PFilates Kit with your choice of pelvic floor toning device.

This kit offers you the 64 minute PFilates DVD, PFilates Ball, PFilates hand book, a satin storage bag and  a choice of either The Pelvic Toner or The KeyGal Medic pelvic toner.

Kit up with this exclusive offer. Pfilates Kit with your choice of toner

Kit up with this exclusive offer. Pfilates Kit with your choice of toner

Find out more about PFilates courses and pelvic floor help. Contact www.incostress.com

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Dribbly women don’t dance – incontinence and exercise.

Originally posted on Healthy Solutions:

Dribbly women don’t dance – incontinence and exercise by Elaine Miller physiotherapist

 If you are reading this you are not my audience.  Sorry.  The fact that you are reading something to do with incontinence suggests that you already have an understanding about the condition, are comfortable getting information about it, and are keen to learn more. So, you either are, or, will be, alright.

The people I fret about are the millions of women who are living with their leaking and not yet seeking help.  They just put up with having poor bladder control, pad up, and feel a bit disappointed.

Well, I say “feel a bit disappointed”.  In fact is that a third of them go on to develop clinical depression.  Of course, exercise is commonly recommended for managing mood disorders – but, if you leak when you run, well, you’re not going to go for a run, are…

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Pfilates is the fastest growing pelvic floor exercise program


Pfilates are the best pelvic floor exercises on the market. Designed by a doctor with you in mind.

Originally posted on Healthy Solutions:

Without a doubt, when a gynaecologist develops a program to improve pelvic health then you know it will be effective and ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’.
Pfilates was developed by one of the most respected gynaecologists Dr Bruce Crawford.
Pfilates is sweeping the continents with physiotherapists being trained to teach Pfilates to men and women.

C&G Medicare in the UK have worked with Dr Crawford for a number of years and has seen the success Pfilates has on women of all ages.

This unique program consists of 3 build up phases which allows the inexperienced in pelvic floor exercises gain confidence and strength starting at phase 1.
Pfilates kits are available from http://www.incoshop.com and the qualified medical staff at C&G Medicare are always on hand to offer professional advice.

Pelvic floor strengthening helps build good muscle tone which may prevent pelvic organ prolapse in some women, will…

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Dear CrossFit and “CrossFit Gynecologist,” I’m Appalled. There’s Help For ‘Peeing’ During Workouts!


Worth reading this

Originally posted on Pelvic Guru ™:

What’s the Issue?

Recently, a CrossFit video, entitled, ‘CrossFit – Do You Pee During Workouts?’ was released on YouTube. CrossFit participants were interviewed at the Central East Regional competition.

 “CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.”CrossFit website

Watch this video to see what the controversy is all about:


Why am I Shocked About the Video?

  • Any video that starts out with an announcer stating THIS is not going in a good direction: “we’ve seen blood today and now we see urine and that’s what it takes if you want to be the fittest woman on the planet.”
  • A GYNECOLOGIST that participates in CrossFit states in the interview: “We need to invent something to help these women. I’m one of ‘em. Do about 10 double…

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